Tiens Toxin Expelling Toilet Soap

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Do you looking for TIENS TOXIN EXPELLING TOILET Soap For Keep Clean and Beauty your face and Skin. Order From Our website you will get up to 30% OFF

It is a skin health care product that has Chinese conventional medicines inserted into high atmosphere soap base. Spakare detoxification soap can very cut off the dirt & grease from the skin pores, making it tidy & soft.

It has Chinese acclaimed medicines commonly used for anti-inflammation, detoxification nourishment & miniaturization of skin. Its ingredients are natural, non-irritant & safe to use

Tiens toxin expelling toilet soap Spakare detoxification soap can deeply remove the dirt and grease from the skin pores. If you are satisfied in the manner of our products and services, Please depart your complimentary feedback of 5 stars. And 5 stars for the detailed rating of your order.

If you don’t satisfied our products, Please admittance us in the back you leave negative feedback. We guarantee, We will 100% solve any hardship for you

  1. It makes the skin clean and soft.
  2. Moisturizing and prevent skin becoming coarse, resist wrinkle and whiten skin.
  3. Moisturizing skin to remove wrinkle.
  4. Suitable for any individuals. Dispel toxin and care skin during bathing.
  5. Acne, tinea on manus and pedes, skin itching, dermatitis and urticaria.
  6. Falling off of the hair and dandruff.
  7. Cleaning private parts
  8. It has chinese traditional medicines commonly used for anti-inflammation.
  9. detoxification nourishment and moisturization of skin.
  10. It improves immunity by its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial action.
  11. Toxin expelling from the skin so making skin healthy.

Usage: It can be used on face and other parts of the body.

টিয়েন্স টক্সিন ইক্সপেলিং (বিষাক্ত পদার্থ বিতাড়িত) সাবান

  1. ট্রক্সিন ইক্সপেলিং (বিষাক্ত পদার্থ বিতাড়িত)এ সাবান প্রাকৃতিক উপাদান সমৃদ্ব ।
  2. শরীর থেকেবিষাক্ত পদার্থ বিতাড়িত ও কালো স্পট দূর করে।
  3. চাইনিজ ভেষজেন সমন্বয়ে তৈরী এ বিশেষ সাবানের কাযর্করী
  4. উপাদান গুলো সহজে ত্বকে মিশে যেতে পারে।
  5. এটা মুখ ও শরীরের অন্যান্য অংশের উপর ব্যবহার করতে পারবেন।
  6. ওজন ১১০ গ্রাম।
  7. পস্তুতকারকটিয়েন্স©  চায়না

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    Quality full.

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    Nice product and good delivery….

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    Very nice product and Delivery is good. I am so happy

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